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Tip: Fairytale Rathen

The picturesque town of Rathen in Saxon Switzerland arrive by car from Krasna Lipa over one hour Sebnitz. Along the way, follow the signs to rock massif Bastei. Before entering Rathen stop lay-entry ban for paid parking. From there it is a walk downhill 10 minutes to downtown. Fairy town on the Elbe River divides Oberrathen(Upper) a Niederrathen(Bottom). The ferry commutes from one bank to the other at any moment (Adults there and back for 1,50 Eur, children free, wheel well). On either side you will see the picturesque timbered, shops, cafes inviting you to sit. On the left bank is a magical place for children garden railway (Railway worlds) full of train sets ,station , towns and cities in Saxony. Definitely worth seeing, although the family ticket 18 Euro.

If time permits you from Rathen walking path to the massif Bastei. takes about 1 h uphill. Back can be reached by minibus.

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