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Moravian star from Lusatia – Herrnhut

The fourth SCULPTURE is purely Advent, for Advent is a time of waiting for the light and is good at this time, when the night reigns for days and the old sun dies, learn new things about themselves and the world. Like a star, which was created only twelve kilometers as the crow flies beyond the Czech border. About the star from Herrnhut. It is not in the Czech Netherlands, ba ani […]

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Published on: 14.12.2021  -  Filed under: Blog

Stations of the Cross – Lipová – Lobendava

I welcome you to the third Scapular and invite you on your journey, which is beautiful at any time of the year, because, no matter what month you go to it, he will always show you a different face of the Czech Netherlands. When someone asks me, what the strange rugged country, rippling with low hills and hills, actually looks like, where the mysterious forests are full […]

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Published on: 26.11.2021  -  Filed under: Blog, Trips

You want to sweat a lot? Build a sauna at home.

It's like everything, you have a dream and you want to make it come true. And if you still visit the sauna in Finland. You want to have a Finnish sauna at home.

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Published on: 13.11.2021  -  Filed under: Blog

Lark field

SCULPTURE, which I write for Bohemian Cottage, has another, this time holiday, continuation. If you have a taste, catch in it. I don't know, if anyone is aware, what the establishment of Czechoslovakia meant in the Sudetenland. Happy for the Czech minority, for the German majority afraid of it, what will be. And yet life went on, the fields continued to work, beer was still on, they continued to growl […]

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Published on: 13.11.2021  -  Filed under: Blog

Two villages on top

Dear fans of the Bohemian Cottage phenomenon, my name is Rostislav Křivánek and I will explain it to you immediately, what am I looking for here. Some time ago, I agreed with Irena and Aleš Kubic, that here and there I will write some talk about the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland for them, Of the Czech Netherlands and the western Lusatian Mountains and about the people in it. In fact, I immediately thought of the word SCULPTURE as the name for these trips in space and time. The arms are full of reasons. The original ecclesiastical meaning of the word refers to the Virgin Mary of Carmel. The chapel built in her honor and consecrated in her name stands in Vlčí Hora, thus in sight. The scapular has its clearly given ecclesiastical interpretation and votive meaning. In folklore, however, it is a cloth or metal talisman containing it, which is of special importance to man. To, what binds him to the past and what gives him hope for the future. No, and I think, that it may be a conscious belonging to the landscape, in which we live, or to which we travel for knowledge and rest. Hence the SCAPLIER. (And it is also a beautiful word, and we should take care of beautiful words like rare flowers.)

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Green roof

It's been a few years, when I started looking for information about green roofs and I came across photos of colorful houses in Scandinavia. It's true, that at the time it was a nut to get the right material and persuade the plumber, to make this experiment work with me. Another roof, this time they bloom, I created it last year and in the article I want to share my experience with you.

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Published on: 31.8.2021  -  Filed under: Blog

As I started catching raindrops

Even before the season “dry” I knew, that it would be nice to use the rain and not just let the rainwater to the water, resp. to the channel. Natural lakes at that time were not so IN and there were only a few companies to create a pond. I had a budget processed by the company, but the investment of hundreds of thousands was beyond our means. I decided […]

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Published on: 18.6.2020  -  Filed under: Blog

Fits 2019 ...

Dear friends, guests, This year, our true story developed towards the creation of a new wooden garden terraces on yogic practice and Rest. In the garden, we hung some new hammocks and created little prospect of wood and stone, the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Our friends-artists decorated the relaxation and wellness area, a new sculpture fern. […]

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Are you travel blogger?

We welcome the travel blogers, photographers in Bohemian Cottage in National park Bohemian Switzerland. We can help you with transport, accommodation and show you local nature and tradition throught our eyes. We are open to give you private time and we can write some story together. Contact me: Ales and Irena

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