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As I started catching raindrops

Even before the season “dry” I knew, that it would be nice to use the rain and not just let the rainwater to the water, resp. to the channel. Natural lakes at that time were not so IN and there were only a few companies to create a pond. I had a budget processed by the company, but the investment of hundreds of thousands was beyond our means. I decided […]

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Fits 2019 ...

Dear friends, guests, This year, our true story developed towards the creation of a new wooden garden terraces on yogic practice and Rest. In the garden, we hung some new hammocks and created little prospect of wood and stone, the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Our friends-artists decorated the relaxation and wellness area, a new sculpture fern. […]

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Are you travel blogger?

We welcome the travel blogers, photographers in Bohemian Cottage in National park Bohemian Switzerland. We can help you with transport, accommodation and show you local nature and tradition throught our eyes. We are open to give you private time and we can write some story together. Contact me: Ales and Irena

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Right Home Magazine: yoga …

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A trip from Prague in the Czech Switzerland by train

A trip full of prospects, steps up and down. Visiting famous places in the Czech Switzerland National Park, ie. Pravcice Gate, Edmund gorge- pumps (outside the winter season) and experience other gems, For example, the beautiful and breathtaking views of the Elbe canyon. You can easily take the train in Prague (Prague Main Railway Station.) and quickly transported to Decin (note: so fast […]

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The timetable for the tourist bus 434 Czech Switzerland

Operation of tourist bus no. 434. Tourist line runs all weekends and holidays until the end of October. During the summer holidays daily. Tourist bus – line No.. 434. Route: Decin – Hřensko – Brana – Jetřichovice – Chřibská – Rybniště – Doubice – Kyjov – Beautiful Linden Tree Update: 11.5.2020

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An interview: The guiding foreign tourists in regions with Aleš Kubica

Rozhovor pro časopis TTG the business of selling travel. Foreign tourists mainly heading to Prague, Carlsbad, Cesky Krumlov, but it rarely strays into Czech and Moravian regions. What interests them and what obstacles encountered, about it we talked with Alex Kubica, guide to the Czech Switzerland. Full article here:

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Nordic walking point

Dynamic walking with special poles that is Nordic walking. Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular activity. Very often I meet tourists with nordic walking sticks, Few, however, is well used, even if the fundamentals are not difficult to walk. With proper use Nordic walking is good for physical fitness, improves posture, Overall, the body strengthens and supports the natural movement. And […]

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Guide and map Elbe Trail

Guide map for the German and the Czech part of the Elbe Trail. You will find a information about certified services and accommodation options for cyclists including contact details (phone address). Further guidance can be found maps of individual sections of the trail, that will provide information on, at what point you are and further information about the main attractions along the Elbe […]

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