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Snowshoeing for icefalls

Icefalls are created in the valleys and ravines on the rocks around the Czech Switzerland National Park. The best-known growing along the Wolf and Brtnický stream in the eastern part of the park. Most often icefalls grow from January to March. Very, however, depends on the weather.

Where to start trip? 

A) municipalities Brtníky  APAK after green to Šternberk….

B) Village Kyjov u Krasna Lipa, parking at the inn at the faculty, the red towards the cave of fairies

C) Valley The quills, below the village of Wolf Mountain

D) settlement hill, parking at Inns U Oty

Look up maps of ice falls. downloadhere. The individual ledopadům lead from the main road rudder.

It depends on you, if you plan your trip from point A) to B) or create a circle from point A) place over C)  Back to A).  V 2. zone of the national park can excursions outside marked paths.  just beware. Sometimes the roads are icy or snow completely Westerners.

If you prefer guided tours, look the.

Video report from Roving cameras to CT1 by the icefall Brtnice here.

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