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Dolský mill

Dolský mill, natural monument located in the Czech Switzerland National Park by the river Kamenice 1 km east of Stone Slopes , 1 km od high Lipa a 4 km od Jetřichovice (Parking Old Mill). The first written reference of the mill dates from 1515. It was a trojkolový mill, the two wheels powered mills and a third sawmill. Since year 1696 to year 1910 The mill was owned by the family Pohl. Today, the old mill Dolský association for rescue, Dolský mill, z.s. . Dolský mill now attracts both photographers and film crews. Filmed here a few tales, e.g. Hell with Princess, lost Prince, Devil's Bride, right Knight.

Published on: 15.10.2018  -  Filed under: Points of Interest