Ales and Irena Kubica
Kamenna Horka 15, Krasna Lipa



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Our accommodation

“The best we know we put in here …” Irena and Ales Kubica

In Boutique hotel Bohemian COTTAGE we respect the quality, simplicity and natural modern style. Our apartments are created by Czech hands, furnished with Czech furniture. Some of them we have renovated and some of them are custom build by local craftsmen. Predominant part of wooden work has been made for us by Vitek Filipovec, joiner from Kunratice. Tea and coffee are served in the Czech porcelain from the modern design set designed by prof. arch. Jiri Pelcl, the glass is made by our friend Jirka Haidl in his family glassworks in Svojkov and Crystalex Novy Bor. You can muffle up into the Czech linen and soft towels from Broumov, comfortable Moravian mattress will sway you in a beautiful daydreaming. Distinctive decorative flaxen components comes from workshops of local makers Sylvie Malyszova and Lenka Meszarosova and gently harmonize the whole interior. The signboard is made by artistic blacksmith Josef Hercik from Brtniky, interior decoration of yoga hall by artists Jitka and Milos Kubista … our inspiration is art, nature and open eyes for remarkable everyday beauty in daily life.

About garden “When the mood is created outdoor”

Make yourself at home in our garden. Laze in hammocks, discover cascade herbal path, peep into wine store, sit onto stone patio with grill stove, relax at wooden terrace overlooking the countryside, refresh yourself in natural lake, get fragrance of the herbal garden, walk barefoot, calm down, read poems, be happy, do exercise, lie down in the grass, go to the forest …look up the sky at night.

Eco Cottage

“The way we live daily reflects in our thoughts, feelings and in our health”

Eco is our lifestyle. The whole building has its own deep borehole for water and for root waste water treatment plant, we do gardening in accordance with ecological attitude, we grow our own herbs that we use for teas and during the courses of making home-made medical kit we teach how to handle herbs, how to process them and use them for domestic purposes. We use ecological cleaning detergents, we sort waste, we compost and we have our own handmade nature friendly cosmetics for our guests. We are considerate and thrifty to nature at the same time.

The Cottage is divided into the ground floor, first floor and attic. There is a cloakroom in the ground floor, a reception desk, a small hall with fireplace for yoga and courses (35 m2), two toilets, a dining room with kitchen, a relaxation and wellness zone.

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