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Video: A tale of Šluknovsko

According to legend, in Dix Mlyn Kyjovské valley He was the year 1745 journeyman miller lived Pumphut. Pumphut ruled by black magic and with magic sought the miller's daughter. His attempts, however, remained because of the girl's loyalty and piety without success.








The tone, that love can not buy and does not pay to cheat…

Once upon a time in Northern Bohemia lives in an old house miller s daughter Anetka. One day, they do bar rooms on a straw horse arrives unknown host said Pumpot, which falls into Anetky. Nothing, however, is not so simple, let alone enforce innocent love hoochie mama. So strange guest millers will offer a bargain. She gave her heart? It is worth Mlynář his dubious deal? It remains to be seen. It is certainly true, that "the mills of God grind slowly, but surely”.

Author: Francis Dečmar

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