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Our new video

Who we are? Why and with what values ​​we do business in tourism? Watch the video about our values, sustainability, slow travel and a relationship with one of the most beautiful places in the landscape of Czech Switzerland, Lusatian Mountains and Elbe Sandstones.

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Hochwald lookout tower

Hochwald lookout tower (in Czech Hvozd) stands on 2. the largest peak of the Lusatian Mountains . There is a restaurant next to the observation tower. From the German side, there is a train from Oybin during the season.

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Cross-country skiing

+420 736 224 222,

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Borrowing Regulations rentals Cottage

§1 Only the person referred to in the contract for the lease of movables (Tenant further), has the right to use borrowed equipment, the assumption confirmed by signing the contract for the lease of movables (Additional Contract). §2 For rent movables is refundable deposit mentioned in the price list rentals. §3 Rent is possible only upon presentation of one of these documents: […]

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  Vesnice Obercunnersdorf (first mention 1221) It is small, but full timber half-timbered houses. It is worth between timbered houses just browse (Stats can do it). Then you can stop at a cafe Konditorei (interesting interior, typical German desserts and coffee) or you can take a dip in the local swimming pool.

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  There are possibilities have a trip full nature and secret. You with certified tourist guide Ales (I am living in the National park Bohemian Switzerland) will short walk on the 3 dominances in the National park Bohemian Switzerland(Pravcicka gate, Edmund´s Gorge on boat, Elbe canyon).  Perfect lunch in local cottage restaurant. Talk about tradition, nature and […]

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bicycle wheels

Picked up at: Kamenna Horka 110, Krasna Lipa Price: 350 CZK / day Description: We offer bicycle trekking bikes for rent (women's 3pcs and men's 2pcs). It is also available 2 mountain bikes (men / women). The wheels are designed with classic and medium-sports enthusiasts. Accessories included: helmet, lock, light, flour, service equipment can also borrow: Seat for children, Dětské […]

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Tandem bicycle

Price: 500 CZK lock, flour, helmets included Description:Two are better than one. We set with a solid steel frame with a cool design. Suitable for a relaxing ride on moderately hilly terrain. Tandem is equipped with three speed rear derailleur. wheel Weight 22 kg. Double gear set will be happy to lend it to try and cafes and wine bars in the Studio […]

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Roller skates

Skates baby(29-34), men's(42,46), women's (41) Price: 200 CZK / Couple / day Library: Kamenna Horka 110, Krasna Lipa

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Children's bicycles

Price: 300 CZK / head / day Description: We offer children's bikes for children 3 do 10 let. Ability to add rear wheel on the learning curve. Possibility of adding a connecting rod. Suitable for beginners. We also offer child bike for 6-10 year-old child. Bike derailleur has been and is suitable for moderate trips. For older children we rent smaller ladies' bicycles. Accessories […]

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