Ales and Irena Kubica
Kamenna Horka 15, Krasna Lipa


Accommodations & Wellness & Yoga & Rental & Trips

About the Czech Switzerland

“We love The Bohemia Switzerland.”

in 2007 We moved into the Czech Switzerland. We have to live our decision here, because we fell in love with this natural. Our family lives in Kamenná Horka, einen Ortsteil von Krasna Lipa. For friends and tourists we offer a place to stay in our apartment, which we call Cottage, an. And because space sometimes is not enough, We ensure your stay on through other accommodations.

We just take care of the rental of bicycles, Roller, Snow shoes and other sports equipment and give you tips, where you relax best or can eat well.

We are preparing for trips to request before or you're looking for just a little out of our excursion packages from. We organize for you a guide, not only for our beautiful nature, but also for the Czech Switzerland National Park and even in Saxony.


We offer, what we ourselves are looking for in our travels: Quality and individual approach.

We are pleased, if you are our guests.


Ales and Irena Kubica