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The Milířinka valley to the top of Weberberg

You can park your car in peace at the Lesná bus stop, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. There is a tourist signpost. Take the yellow road towards the Mining Nature Trail (green NS), which will accompany you for most of the trip.

Mining nature trail in the valley of the Milířka stream. The trail provides access to a number of preserved remains after exploration work and mining of silver ore, non-ferrous metals, sandstone blocks and quartz.

After climbing the NS at the crossroads Pod Ptačincem (640 m.n.m.) continue along the yellow road and then along the CZ / DE state border along the blue road. The section directly to the top of Weberberg is not marked, the peak is approx 50 meters from the main road on the left (see photo)

Weberberg (Tkalcovský vrch) is a border wooded hill (710 m n. m.), the ninth highest mountain in the Lusatian Mountains. You can sit here on the pleasant grass:) Nobody, nowhere.

We head back the same way and from the crossroads Pod Ptačince we continue along the NS in the direction of Lesná. You can stop at individual galleries or drink from the Knížecí well.

Route: first 5 km up and then 4km down. Not suitable for strollers.

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