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choose…. Guided tours, A trip from Prague in the Czech Switzerland , basic nordic walking course for individuals and groups, boat trip, in-line skating, educational trip with children to Jetrichovice ,…. I can adapt …. “originality, quality and personal approach”

Guided tours

We will organize an individual trip with a program in Bohemian Switzerland, Lusatian mountains at your request. You are a company and need to ventilate your employees' heads? You are a yoga group? To greet the sun at sunrise? You are a team of friends and like to ride up and down the bike? You are a couple and you want to surprise the other partner unusual gift? …. and another example: He texted me […]

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Published on: 2.3.2020  -  Filed under: Guided tours, Experiences

Trip: Full-day e-bike trip through the whole of Bohemian Switzerland

“The cool-reaching nature, Yet tread and go without sweat, These are e-bikes!” During a day trip Bohemian Switzerland 70 kilometers of pedaling. Using electric bikes but not destroyed and bored hilly terrain, but pleasantly tired. Starting in Krasna Lipa cycle paths through Kyjov, Hinterhermsdorf do Bad Schandau, We walk through the spa town, on the banks of the Elbe we will be ice cream, […]

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Published on: 1.3.2020  -  Filed under: Experiences

Workshop: Nordic walking

Do you go on trips with sticks? Nordic yoga? Want to learn, if you are using the correct hole, perfect technique holding a stick, healthy and dynamic style of walking? Ales Během2-3 hours you through the basics of Nordic walking walkingové. We will walk through Bohemian Switzerland. If you have your own hole, does not matter, Nordic poles will lend you. At the basic course need: – sport shoes – small snack and drink […]

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Published on: 1.3.2020  -  Filed under: Experiences

Workshop: Roller skates

Individual course This course is designed for beginners and advanced. Within an hour and something you learn the basics on roller skates, including falls, braking, reflections. The course is designed for children. When: Where negotiated: nearby pond Cymrák in Krasna Lipa (quality asphalt road 1 km long) or by appointment Price: from 750 ,- Information […]

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Published on: 1.3.2020  -  Filed under: Experiences

Trip: Bicycle trip for the whole family on a boat

We travel together ca. 30 km from Krasna Lipa calm pace with multiple stops (e.g. cave of fairies, Kyjovský castle…). Kyjovské reach across the valley directly to lodičkám Obere Schleuse (FROM). bicycle wheels, wheels and lend you baby. We like to spend more than admiring the landscape pedaling uphill? We will lend you pedelec. Approximate timetable: 9:00 Start (Krasna Lipa Doubice, […]

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Published on: 18.1.2020  -  Filed under: Experiences

Workshop: Cross-country skiing

Do you have not yet stand on skis, but want to try it? CrossCountry you and your children lend and we will show you the basic rules of classical cross-country skiing and sports.

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Published on: 25.11.2019  -  Filed under: Experiences

Trip: Snowshoe hikes

Come try snowshoeing and discover the snowy landscape of Bohemian Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains, untrodden place off roads. Snowshoes including sticks lend, walk in them you learn. Difficulty trip adapt expedition members. And children can go. Snowshoeing: Jedlovou (774 m) We are meeting at Křinické. in Krasna Lipa car to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou (15me) […]

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Published on: 9.11.2019  -  Filed under: Experiences

In Serbian Kamenice ferrata

If you are coming towards Serbia Kamenici Jetřichovice,at the end of the right, you can stop at the beautiful rocks.

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Workshop: Ice skating

The course is designed for beginners and intermediates (including children). Within an hour and a half to learn the basics of ice skating, including falls:-), braking, reflections. Possibility to rent skates for children and adults, including a helmet. When: Where negotiated: ponds around (address – Krasna Lipa, Kyjovská dam, pond Cottage – Kamenna Horka …. by weather) […]

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Published on: 16.5.2018  -  Filed under: Experiences