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gateway to Lusatian mountains je je čtvrtá nejvyšší hora se jménem Klíč, (German Kleis). It is a distinctive cone, from a distance resembles a volcano, whose height 759 m.n.m.

How to Mount, from which a beautiful view in all directions to get?
On top red tourist trail leading from Nový Bor either or nearby Svor, where you can arrive by train from Krasna Lipa. From the station waiting for you 3 of miles long climb through the forest and nature reserve. The last kilometer is impassable for carriages and bicycles. The top you can pull panoramic views of Ještěd, Českosaské Švýcarsko i Krkonoše. Na Klíči se i fotografický laik na chvilku stane profesionálem.



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