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A tip for trip in bad weather is a visit to the Castle Hohnstein

Although it is not hot weather and a lot of blows, which for us in the north is often enough, can the children go to the small Saxon town of Hohnstein. FROM Krasna Lipa go the direction crossing Dolni Poustevna – Sebnitz and then just 15 km towards Bastion. In Hohnstein you can park next to the entrance to the big parking lot or you can find a small parking in the narrow streets around the castle (There is parking on 2 hours for free). These small streets hiding even smaller shops and information center with an exhibition of local symbol Punch (The Hohnsteiner Kasper). Streets are definitely threads in the square is the gateway to the castle. Family admission to the castle-employed 5,50 Eur, adults pay 2,60 EUR. The castle has several rooms, prison, tunnels and lookout tower. In one place you can find historical weapons, in the second turn, exposure to animals, who live in the local area, The third room as hotel rooms in the fourth cafe etc.….. Well, simply ingenious German tourism.

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