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Luz sleigh

How to pull children on a sled to the highest mountain of Lusatian Mountains, Luž (793 m n. m.)?

Of Krasna Lipa drive over the hill to pick up, in Nová huta you can rest until Upper Bright, where before the steep descent you turn towards the cottage Luž. The cottage can park free of charge and prepare carriage to just over one-kilometer journey along the red trail up.

Along the way, you will turn to the top at the rest stop. A winding path with views of the other peaks will take you to the top of Mount Luž and the German border in a few tens of minutes.. There are usually a lot of blows, but worth the conquest and photography it is worth it. Mine certainly then it will go faster, proficient driver slide it in good snow conditions can handle.

Possible fight will likely expect in cottage Luž or small Luzicke shed a place to sit in the restaurant. Capacity of these restaurants is not enough to handle the onslaught of German tourists pověčinou. So with that count.

Another way to get to the top is from the German town of Waltersdorf. You can park at the ski lift. You will then get up on the green.

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