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Secrets around Rousínov

Rousínov is located in Lusatian mountains, 3 kilometers from Zwickau.
We park at the ONO gas station in Cvikov and set off on scooters along the asphalt cycle path in the direction of Svor (about 1 km long, also suitable for roller skates, note, it is a pity that it does not lead to Rousínov). We continue to the left along a dirt road (view of the mountain Klíč), where children find “magical” stones mostly white and blue. They are remnants of the glass industry. Po 1 km we reach (Attention, steep hill down) on the asphalt road and the Rousínov sign. Along the road we pass cottages like from a fairy tale and restaurant Milštejn. We are already riding scooters back through Martinovo údolí to Svor.
Duration 6 km.

Tip: the ruins of the castle Milštejn near Rousínov

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