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Trip to the mystery of nature

In the Czech Switzerland National Park are secret places, where you will discover protected plants. Kyjov valley (3 km from Krasna Lipa) it is 5 km long rocky canyon, which is heavily forested and on both sides it is lined sandstone rock. Křinice river flowing through the valley, providing shelter to animals and plants protected. Křinice inaccessible side of the gorge complement streams, as Insightful stream at the signpost "Pod flags". You can turn the marked red trail to the left towards a rocky massif called Treasury. For example, in this ravine they hold so. climatic inversion, who are keeping the cold and wet climate similar to that in the mountains. Therefore, you can discover similar plants in places such as above 1000 m.n.m. , For example, violet, lycopod, fern Žebrovici, Labrador tea or suppository objímavý.


Po 200 meters of exploration for rare plants reach the Treasury, where according to legend, a buried their treasure robber-knights of the castle Kyjovský. The most distinctive rock tower Treasury says Guardian.


If you continue to reach the unmarked road after 1 km to the green tourist mark, which leads to Doubice. Or you can go back.

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