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Disconnect like this, and reconnect, I needed a really long time.

Beautiful day to Bohemian Cottage, greetings (already back from southern Bohemia) and I want to say a big THANK YOU. I speak for myself now, but i think, that this is the voice of our entire family - staying with you was truly an oasis in every moment of our days. At sunset, when rainy […]

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Published on: 6.8.2023  -  Filed under: Reviews

Searching for the ideal place to stay Yoga, we found!!

After 15 years of teaching yoga and traveling crisscross after our Mother Earth and searching for the ideal place to stay Yoga, we found!! Place, where Shale is really Shala, live where food is more than delicious, where the rooms are beautiful and dreamlike landscape. We have such joy, it is not only the cottage, but also makes the cottage owners access Chaloupka Gingerbread, just for eating. Jaruška Sedláčková

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Published on: 3.1.2019  -  Filed under: Reviews

Big thanks!

Irenko, from around the heart to send large Diclofenac sodium! ❤ ..chaloupka does not chybu..tolik harmonie..ta energie..rada I come back.. ..maminka..UZASNA being!!!..It jidlo..varene with laskou..maminky eternal usmev..mam had happened before my eyes.. ..Likewise Your bright eyes and usmev..a new poznami..UZASNY..dekuji..vubec I have no idea, that there is such kind “exercises”.. ..and that beautiful tecka..prochazka with the pruvodcem..opakuji, but also amazing! ..I'm happy, […]

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Published on: 1.9.2018  -  Filed under: Reviews


This charming cottage we spent the whole weekend. Comfortable newly furnished accommodation, the smell of wood, beautiful atmosphere ... The owners have a warm welcome and everything you wish to prepare. We had also secured a full homemade vegetarian cuisine, that for us cook with love Mrs. Irena, Ms. like a fairy tale. Our entire group felt at home here and […]

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Published on: 28.6.2018  -  Filed under: Reviews

I'm excited …

I'm excited, place, where you feel “no pets.” already the door. Beautifully made environment, delicious food, stunning access…Atmosphere as in paradise 🙂 Thank you very much, I look forward to you will visit again. I imagine herself come, if I need to switch off and recharge their batteries, or with family, or like now to stay Mums and daughters.. . […]

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Published on: 23.6.2018  -  Filed under: Reviews

Anybody that wants to see the Czech countryside?

Martha from USA We had such an amazing time on this tour! Our guide, Chosen, was very patient and very accommodating. He was knowledgeable about the area and also fun to be with. The place he took us for lunch was adorable and some of the best food we’ve had in Europe. I would highly […]

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Published on: 10.3.2018  -  Filed under: Reviews

Wonderful and exciting tour of the most beautiful place is CZ Republic

Matthew – United States Ales’s tour of Bohemian national park and Saxon Switzerland was great. He is a great tour guide and is very knowledgeable about his country. He has a great sense of humor and knows the national parks like the back of his hand. We hiked through just like a local would and […]

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Published on: 27.11.2017  -  Filed under: Reviews

Private group tour

I wrote Mr. Martin, he will arrive with a group of 20 friends aged (35-60 years) in the Bohrmian Switzerland and aim was “Day full of surprises”. Only it will be acquainted with the course of a day trip. I suggested for the real Moravians with the flask in his pocket hike through Dolsky mlyn […]

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Published on: 16.6.2016  -  Filed under: Reviews