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Walk Kyjovské valley

A small village Kyjov (3 km from Krasna Lipa) It is one of the points of entry into the Czech Switzerland National Park. Of Kyjova leads beautiful valley along the scenic route Křinice (and cycling) Kyjovské valley. Parking is at the beginning of the road to Kyjov Valley Restaurant at The Faculty. The trail winds along Křinice, which has created a gorge with rock formations. During the journey, you come across some interesting places (Köglerova trail, Dixův mill, mill journeyman Pumphut) a odboček za poznáním (e.g. Kinsky prospect, cave of fairies,…). Po 3 km (path suitable for prams) arrive to the Tourist Bridge, wherein benches inviting to break. If you go further, you can walk to the rear Doubice or the settlement Kopec, where is the restaurant U Oty. If your feet hurt already and want to go back the same way and in Kyjov can well sit in non-smoking restaurant Kyjovská terrace nebo v kavárně Nová Perla u Dlouhého dolů (po žluté od Dixova mlýna)