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Following the blue from Lipová

From Lipová around the chateau to a picnic by the chapel of St.. Jáchyma

Park in front of a local supermarket, in front of the local school. Follow the blue line around the information center (model half-timbered house) towards the Chateau pond. You will be surprised by the reconstructed castle park, as well as the torso of the castle still awaiting reconstruction. Then follow the nature trail along the pond embankment. A nice and informative stop at the wetlands, not only with irises, will definitely slow you down. Through the forest continue to the signpost under the chapel of St.. Jáchyma. It is only to the chapel and the Stations of the Cross 200 m. At the old chapel, a place awaits you, perfect for a picnic and also for thinking about the past.

We choose the same way back. However, you can also continue to Lobendava or to U Pytláka restaurant.

Tip for swimming in the Lipová quarry.

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