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Panská rock holds the magic volcano

Between Nový Bor and Czech Kamenice is glassmaking village Kamenicky Senov. There is a glass museum and nearby (the green tourist trail from cenrta 1 km) magic national natural monument Panská rock (597 m n. m.).

Panská rock is a geological formation with stone organ, incurred during solidification of magma volcanoes. An amazing creation of Mother Earth reaches as five or hexagonal columns in height 12 m. Rock can be bypassed and the back of her can climb even children. View worth: NP Czech Switzerland, hour Key in the Lusatian Mountains, Prácheň nearby hill with a ski lift.

When a small walk around sklály meet Marian Column, the memory of a young couple, who froze to death here in 1739 at night storm. Nearby is a paddock with horses and 500 vdzálený meters from the rocks church. Lawrence in the village Prácheň, where there is a tavern (They are open from 16h:(.

The trip is suitable for children. The car can be parked either on a paid parking lot 100m from the rocks near the main road from Nový Bor or in the village.

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