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Output to sedmistovku, Fir

Who likes to go up and down certainly should humble 774 meter-high peak called Lusatian Mountains Fir.In snowy winter Jedlová output from the train station Fir (from Rumburk  catch a train every hour) It is romantic and pretty steep hike. From the station Fir (544 m.n.m.) exploring the green trail gentle climb towards the top. The peak soon emerge in front of you. Its distance is 2,5 km, which is not so far, if you do not wade in the snow or drag two small children.  In my case it was both variants. Boren in the snow suggest alleviate lending of snowshoes. If you go in winter on snowshoes, Use shorter neprošlápnutých many paths leading directly to the top. On one of them can be reached in tourist crossroads U Ranch, where you leave the red tourist mark to the right.  Whatever seems to output short, and just below the peak is very sharp and some excess stone fields. At the exit along unmarked roads and paths warn, it often ends and you continue through the forest,  But you'll be rewarded with great views and a romantic track for you, which just so someone will not again.

On top you will be rewarded, and that is open year round tower and the main restaurant Fir, which offers delicious blueberry dumplings and beer Kocour. I vote the same way back, time is quicker by half. Trains direction Rumburk ride again at intervals of about one hour, even on weekends.

Skol! ... And sometimes sight snowshoeing in our region.

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