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On two- to delicious coffee

“I just cant!” calls on the two-wheeled passenger. “discouraging, just a moment, Then we go down hill from Wolf Mountain and already give excellent coffee”. This is a nice tip for a short trip on two- ended in a cafe studio in Krasna Lipa.

Rent bogies in the Studio (Křinické on the Square). Common annealing and start on two- to make it easier for mathematics: “Once, dva, three, we are going… ” towards Kyjov (bicycle path 3032). Take a ride through the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (Kyjov valley, Kinsky prospect, cave of fairies, Tourist bridge – turn right bicycle path 3033) direction Vlčí Hora. Below the Wolf Mountain is up and play, They climbed to over a long mine and scroll back to Kyjov Krasna Lipa. The journey will take about one hour and a delicious coffee at the Atelier you will be served on a tray with painting Tiramisu couple of Excellence.


moreover, if you rent a bike for the day, you have a whole crew for Studio free coffee. This is called good aim trip.

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