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Walk with the children at the prospect Brand

Pohádkové městečko Hohenstein with the castle and the seat of the local traditional puppets Punch (there Kasper) worth a visit alone. Před Vánoci je tu v malých uličkách adventní trh a z města také vedou výchozí trasy do Saxon Switzerland. One of them you can with your children (including stroller) occur along the forest paved road to the viewpoint Brand. In prospect is comfortable seating and a small museum. Order a drink and enjoy it as a restaurant interior, tak vyhlídkou do kraje. The journey there and back takes just 2 hours.

Cottíkův tip:
If you do not go the same way back, You can continue through Brand stairs (ca. 850) až do údolí Tiefer Grund a města Porschorf. S Porschorfu jede vlak do Bad Schandau nebo Rumburku.

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