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about Studence

At the "peak hike" up the mountain Studenec can go from pension Chamois (front there is parking for guests) Cold village of the red hiking trail. Just the way you go uphill and pass several bunkers the defense system (1935-38). Halfway cross the border Nature reserve cold mountain. Reserve you can feel the atmosphere of the forest (rich vegetation, spirit of nature) and maybe even come across here chamois, brought here by Prince Kinsky. Mountain Studenec almost the whole compass (Children not much idea, questions like, "When are we there yet", they are necessary), you can conquer the peak altitude 736 m with an observation tower (when the trees have leaves, it is not much to see :)) Overlooking the Lusatian mountains and rocks, Czech Switzerland.


Cottikův tip:
Return the same way or you can walk to the picturesque village Líska. In winter will definitely be running up a direct route snowshoe.
Pro Strollers way not recommend, But parents and children 4 years on top definitely run out. At the top is not food, Entry to the tower is free.

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