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Around the castle Hohnstein

In Saxon Switzerland are a few frequently visited castles, One of them is hrad Hohnstein located at 39 km from Krasna Lipa. Today quivers when we walked podhradím and discovered Lenrpfad trail leading between rock formations. The road turns descents beautiful woodlands, where you will feel like in the jungle with the opportunity to speak up on prospects, For example, the iron stairs to the top Hockstein. At the sitting, you can stop by the river Polenz, where you will discover typical German specialties in Pension & Gasthaus Polenztal. For example: wheat beer and ice cream sundae Maya the Bee. Castle and square in Hohnstein are also scenic walk with a pram. In Hohnstein is a beautiful swimming pool and puppetry museum. Parking in the center of a paid parking, at the swimming pool for free.

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