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News: Bohemian Cottage 2023

Dear guests, friends,

we are watching, how the autumn landscape of Czech Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains turns into a frosty kingdom for us and we are happy, that we live in a zone of changing seasons, it is essential, we are born here. The lure of eternal spring and summer is too cheap a decoy, gifts of winter, fog and humidity are different, more internal, deeper. We also perceive our own variability and its contribution.

Allow us to invite you to a short tour of the transformation in Bohemian Cottage.

Transformation 2022
We managed to create this year:

  • an opportunity to draw energy from clean air. This is not news, but we also draw new energy for heating via a heat pump, which in the context of events appears to be a prudent move, which allows us to be in operation and warm all year round.

-beautiful and functional shading of the terrace, which allows you to sit outside in full sunlight and perhaps read, mainly between the lines of one's own thoughts.
-final form cellar under the terrace. Seems, that it will be a multifunctional space, for some it will serve as an opportunity to have a glass of wine with friends, someone will appreciate the carriage house or bike storage. which was originally built as a Lutheran church and only later became a Catholic stand, why not…

Bohemian boutique – a cozy and designer sales gallery. We are fans of meaningful experiences and things, which do not lose durability or popularity. We choose carefully, what we offer you.

The year is opening before us 2023, in which we want:

-look for savings in energy sources, will be solar systems

-create a place for charging electric cars

-to our guests, who arrive by public transport, we offer pick-up at the station and drop-off with our electric car

-implement the concept of the so-called. forest mind- Bohemian forest - an inspiring trail in the forest behind the guesthouse

-create a new health package 2 – shiatsu treatment

-offer an innovation for corporate team building with cleaning in nature #cistyruch

We have apartments available on weekdays (Spiritual beauty in nature), when it is possible to come to us for two or more nights. We offer weekly stays in July and August. Booking on
We will be happy to create one for you immediately voucher or stay package.

We wish you meaningful Advent and Christmas days, stay healthy, love and joy.

Irena and Aleš Kubic

Published on: 6.12.2022  -  Filed under: Blog