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Nordic walking point

Dynamic walking with special poles that is Nordic walking.

Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular activity. Very often I meet tourists with nordic walking sticks, Few, however, is well used, even if the fundamentals are not difficult to walk. With proper use Nordic walking is good for physical fitness, improves posture, Overall, the body strengthens and supports the natural movement.

In Switzerland, Nordic walking (Nordic walking) very popular, we are trying, to be popular in the Czech Switzerland and Sluknov hook. Therefore Cottage has been certified Nordic walking point, which guarantees trained staff, possibility of renting Nordic walking sticks with instruction proper use, including the possibility of buying quality club.

Nordic walking sticks and have their own characteristics, that need somewhere to load or you can go to them for us to Cottage. We also organize courses Nordic Yoga, When participants sticks lend, we will use a short briefing and go into the field dynamically, where together workout yoga. current courses, search on here.

Aleš Kubica, instructor

More about Nordic walking can be read at


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