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Up to Valtenberg, down for a swim

Bike trip up and down 17km around the mountain Valtenberg (585m.n.m.).

You can park in peace at the Wasserwelt swimming pool in Steinigtwolmsdorf (10 min from Šluknov). And then set off on small cycle paths through Neukirch to the Valtenberg mountain, where a mountaineering premium awaits you in the form of a restaurant and a lookout tower Valtenberg mountain lodge. Once you gain energy, you can go down to the former Valtergrund quarry, where clear water awaits you (swim at your own risk). Back to Steinigtwolmsdorf you can drive quickly along the main road S154 (ca. 30 me) or without cars, but a little further on local bike paths.

Recommended for cyclists, who like hills

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