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Kamenna Horka 15, Krasna Lipa


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On roller skates from Krásná Lípa to Kamenná Horka

You can also get to Horka z Krásná Lípy on wheels (whether they are on skates or a scooter). Length of the route 3,3 km, suitable asphalt surface and profile for advanced skaters.

You can put on your skates on the embankment of the Cimrák pond, there are benches. If you are arriving by car, under the dam there is a parking lot at the cultural house. If you have nazuto , we set off. First, I recommend skating to the end of the pond and back. There is nice asphalt and no obstacles (note: beginners can stay skating only here). The easiest way to get to Horka, when the wheels turn to the Lion monument. After the lion, then through the city park around the cemetery wall (Attention, watch out for the steep descent down, only for experienced, possible to meet on the side of the road). Dole “you will encounter” to the red tourist sign, which will take you to the viewpoint U Kamenná Horka. Further (200m) there is a viewpoint with a bench at Kögler's cross. Here you can continue down to the Meadow Bar (200m, bad surface for inline, walk down) or go back the same way.

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