Ales and Irena Kubica
Kamenna Horka 15, Krasna Lipa


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We love touch, massages, scent…We choose the best for you, our body tested, Would you like to test profesional massage?, please!

Order on holistic aromatherapy massage:

The total aromatherapy massage (120 me) …. 1200 CZK

Ie partial aromatherapy massage. back, is, head (75 me) 900 CZK

Aromatherapy massage your back or feet (50 me) 700 CZK

Transport 300 CZK (fee).

Must be booked in advance on tel: M.Sc.. Kateřina Hrazdírová, +420605541023

Order a sports massage:

Total sports massage (120 me) …. 1200 CZK

Partial massage, ie. back, is, head (75 me) 800 CZK

Transport 250 CZK (fee).

Must be booked in advance on tel: Ing. Simona Martínková +420728736839

(Massage, we offer our guests only)