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Jetřichovice and a trip to the woods Pfeiferová

One in four new areas for families with children are Jetrichovice and near. Pfeiferův grove circuit begins at the church and leads the blue brand new avenue of lime trees with beautiful views of the surrounding area. Along the way you will find a cat bench where you have an overview of the main dominantách Jetřichovice: Vilemínka, Mariánka, Falkenštejn. Down the road you will come to the ancient oak, Here you can read about the history of the site and further governed marks in the shape of Pipes. walk through the woods, where you will see a small version of the beauty of the National Park, along the way, you can relax on the bench a few times and enjoy the…back on the green trail, total 3,5 km. The information center in Jetrichovice available to all circles to pick up a map.

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