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We write about trips, we went on his own in the National Park Czech Switzerland,, in Lužické Mountains and Sluknov hook.

Around the castle Hohnstein

In Saxon Switzerland are a few frequently visited castles, One of them is the Castle Hohnstein located 39 km from Krasna Lipa. Today quivers when we walked podhradím and discovered Lenrpfad trail leading between rock formations. The road turns descents beautiful woodlands, where you will feel like in the jungle with the opportunity to speak up […]

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Published on: 7.8.2019  -  Filed under: Trips

Christina around on wheels

For Hradek nad Nisou (40 minutes by car from the direction of Liberec Bohemian Cottage) Christina Lake is sandstone. Parking areas, there is quite enough. Put on skates and get going they can be readily and even from himself Hradek. Asphalt circuit in a figure eight less than the distance 10 km've toured with his son in an hour. Stop you: Trojmezí, wetlands, restaurants and cafeterias kempového type on individual beaches. The terrain is mostly plane. Suitable for beginners.

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Published on: 19.5.2019  -  Filed under: Trips

Output to sedmistovku, Fir

Who likes to go up and down certainly should humble 774 meter-high peak called Lusatian Mountains Fir. In snowy winter Jedlová output from the train station Fir (from Rumburk catch a train every hour) It is romantic and pretty steep hike. From the station Fir (544 m.n.m.) It will follow the green tourist trail modest climb […]

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Published on: 11.1.2019  -  Filed under: Trips

Trip from Stone slides into Doubice

Leave the car in front of Bohemian Cottage and hit the blue direction Doubice. You can hop on a scooter, Here we will lend. to 3 Turn km of routes at Charles heights (580 m.n.m.). You will not regret, Overlooking the Doubice and Czech Saxon Switzerland worth it. Then proceed even without the so-called brand. Stone path and after 500 meters […]

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Published on: 18.11.2018  -  Filed under: Trips

Kunratická Switzerland

Kunratická rocks (Kunratická Switzerland) Kunratice u lies between Zwickau and Drnovcem. Points of Interest: Charles rest, Chapel of 1834 (let into the sandstone cliffs carve Kunratický farmer and bleacher Franz Hülle). blueberries. nobody anywhere. You can also ride a scooter with children. Pop into food Cvikov brewery or Lívancovny to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou.

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Published on: 9.7.2018  -  Filed under: Trips

Tip a short trip: output to “new” Falkenštejn

Park at the crossroads Postal cone in the village of Jetřichovice and go along the yellow trail to try a new outlet for Castle Rock Falkenštejn (cultural heritage) NP Czech Switzerland. Po 500 you encounter meters turn left, which continue after the first timber, then the metal stairs up around the rock massif. Long complicated access to the castle is now […]

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Published on: 28.3.2018  -  Filed under: Trips

1. Day of Czech Switzerland

How to spend a single day in the Czech Switzerland? Tip to hike the distance 13 km. Start at Mezni Louka u Hřenska (you can park the car for 100 CZK / day, WC is at Brana just outside the park ). In infomačním center at Fort dokupte the stock to hike and go along the red trail (Gabriela's trail) […]

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Published on: 17.3.2018  -  Filed under: Trips

Bicycle trip along the river to the lake Mandava see Olbersdorfer

So that the children enjoyed a bike trip, It wants to have good aim and straights to. A good choice is pedaling along the river Mandava German Großschönau sand beaches on Lake Olbersdorfer see (near the town of Zittau). V Großschönau, Varnsdorf you over in no time, free parked near the church and go between half-timbered houses vypíglovanými direction […]

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Published on: 13.2.2018  -  Filed under: Trips

Around Cvikova are less known attractions

Pleasant short hike suitable for children is a promising start and end-brewery of Zwickau! Embark on the green and then yellow hiking trail to a rocky forest theater, cvikovští created by amateur actors from the beginning Continue to prospect Švýcárna, where i sit for a snack and a view of Ještěd, Ralsko, Ortel… Still go over yellow, […]

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Published on: 13.2.2018  -  Filed under: Trips

Tip for family trip: The maximum down to the Elbe

Maxičky is a small village of Decin, lying just below Děčínský Sněžníkem. In the winter months in Maxičkách certainly you will feel like in the mountains. We parked under the restaurant Dřevák ( Na 7,5 km long ride along the yellow trail toward lower Žleb in the winter certainly take a sleigh, path leads down through the woods and the kids slump […]

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Published on: 9.1.2018  -  Filed under: Trips