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We write about trips, we went on his own in the National Park Czech Switzerland,, in Lužické Mountains and Sluknov hook.

Climb the highest peak of the Lusatian Mountains on snowshoes

Climb the highest mountain of Lusatian Mountains, Luž (793 m.n.m.) German Waltersdorf per hour looks adrenaline.  If you add the right winter and 35 cm and more powder, Sounds unreal. Put on your snowshoes and grab your walking sticks and give it a try. You can park your car for free above the Lazarus-Haus in Waltersdorf and go […]

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Published on: 28.2.2023  -  Filed under: Trips

Crystal Valley

Excursions to the local glass masters of Lužické Hora, Novoborsko is the center of the glass craft in Bohemia. Some glass companies and family businesses you “let them see until the oven”. You can find their list below. For most visits, you need to book in advance. HAIDL AND SON – Svojkov HOINEFF GLASS ART – Sunny PACHINEK GLASS – Kunratice u Cvikova MUSEUM […]

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Published on: 16.2.2023  -  Filed under: Trips

Brtníky or about the village, whose name smells of honey

Brtníky. Formerly Zeidler. Both names are honey. In the Middle Ages, extensive apiaries were established here and their keepers were called ZEIDLER, i.e. fathers of bees. When the Second World War ended many hundreds of years later and the original population was driven off the land, a Czech name was searched for and searched for, fortunately, in the same drawer. And so brats, therefore […]

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Published on: 7.9.2022  -  Filed under: Trips

A trip to Oybin

The picturesque landscape with half-timbered houses. Nice views of the Lusatian Mountains (Lusatian Mountains). Fairy town Oybin in Germany.

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Published on: 14.8.2022  -  Filed under: Trips

Bike trip: Up to Nonnenfelsen down to Hope

Bike trips in the Lusatian Mountains are mostly up and down. We start in the tourist village of Waltersdorf (free parking behind the church) and we walk uphill in the direction of Mount Luž on the Rubetahlbaude border (possibility of refreshments on both the German and Czech side). Following the nice forest road we go down to Nonnenfels. We're dodging 3 km […]

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Published on: 9.5.2022  -  Filed under: Trips

Lively sacral monuments

“Spiritual beauty in nature” Spiritual beauty in nature – Spiritual beauty in nature – Spiritual beauty in nature – Spiritual beauty in nature: Spiritual beauty in nature

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Published on: 10.4.2022  -  Filed under: Trips

Wonderful wandering in the circle of the seasons

The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips. The most beautiful are trips? The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips, The most beautiful are trips […]

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Published on: 6.3.2022  -  Filed under: Blog, Trips

Stations of the Cross – Lipová – Lobendava

I welcome you to the third Scapular and invite you on your journey, which is beautiful at any time of the year, because, no matter what month you go to it, he will always show you a different face of the Czech Netherlands. When someone asks me, what the strange rugged country, rippling with low hills and hills, actually looks like, where the mysterious forests are full […]

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Published on: 26.11.2021  -  Filed under: Blog, Trips

A trip to architecture

Czech Switzerland is part of the Sudetenland. Sudetenland was before 2. World war very rich. Developed industry, zde přinášel investice do zajímavých staveb této doby. Mnoho těchto skrytých skvostů už „leží“ pod zemí. Některé stále stojí a čekají na oživení. Některé změnili svoji vnitřní tvář (interiér), ale z venku vypadají stejně. V Krásné Lípě je největší funkcionalistická […]

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Published on: 25.10.2021  -  Filed under: Trips

railway – Monkey stone

basket : Kyjov valley, Hinterhermsdorf, Lichtenhain waterfall, Monkey stone – Long horn (Nordstern), rear Jetřichovice, on Tokání, Doubice We went to this famous ferrata in Saxon Switzerland by bike. What will I write to you, Parking at Lichtenhain Falls is not an easy task in season. That's why we leave the bikes at the Unterer Affensteinweg signpost. Ferrata can be handled without protection. if you have […]

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Published on: 8.6.2021  -  Filed under: Trips