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We write about trips, we went on his own in the National Park Czech Switzerland,, in Lužické Mountains and Sluknov hook.

Around Práchna

Feel free to park in the large parking lot at Panská skála (freer and free of charge in winter). Cross the busy main road. Put on your cross-country skis after a few tens of meters and head to the Prácheň transmitter, to the Klučky quarry (nice view). Along the Lusatian highway (it is usually adapted to a classic) you get all the way over Polevsko. Depending on your strength, you can circle Polevský vrch up to […]

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On the sunken railway

An interesting opportunity for cross-country skiers will arise, when the railway line from Krásná Lípa falls through the snow – gardens- Gentleman's – Brtníky – Mikulášovice. Po “rovince” over bridges, viaduct, around Wolf Mountain, you will fly through the old stations at an unprecedented speed. Tip: you can return through the settlement of Kopec and the village of Brtníky, where everyone goes 2 hours bus to Krásná Lípa. More capable cross-country skiers […]

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Cross-country trails

Tips for cross-country trips in the Lusatian Mountains and the surrounding area. Modified cross-country trails:(Lusatian highway) Prácheň – Polevsko – Kytlice Šébr – Puddle Around Fir Around DoubiceAdjusted circuits to 5 km from the village Doubice. Parking at the Old Pub Around Rybniště Krásná Lípa – Kamenna Horka – Hely Modified circuit 5 km leading from the Football Field […]

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To Hvozd

From the remote village of Krompach (500 m.n.m.) the road leads to the very top of the Lusatian Mountains, mountain Hvozd 749 m.n.m. (German Hochwald), with amazing views and a German restaurant Hochwaldbaude. Park on the square in Krompach and follow the red light. Do not cross the turnoff, which will lead you to the very old Yew (Supposedly over 500 […]

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Around the Chřibská reservoir

Krasna Lipa, Chřibská, Horní Chřibská, Chřibská reservoir, Little Cone, Rybniště, Krásná Lípy A more demanding cycling trip between the hills and the water of the Lusatian Mountains. Unfortunately, you can only see the Chřibská waterworks behind the fence (entry to the premises is prohibited). But you can swim in the Great Jedlov pond. When climbing the top of Malý Stožec (659 m.n.m.) I recommend leaving the bike before entering the rubble […]

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Up to Valtenberg, down for a swim

Bike trip up and down 17km around the mountain Valtenberg (585m.n.m.). You can park in peace at the Wasserwelt swimming pool in Steinigtwolmsdorf (10 min from Šluknov). And then set off on small cycle paths through Neukirch to the Valtenberg mountain, where a mountaineering bonus awaits you in the form of the Bergbaude Valtenberg restaurant and lookout tower. Once you gain energy you can go down to the former […]

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on Bike, on a scooter or on foot to the view of Saxon Switzerland Park in the settlement Tomašov above the village Mikulášovice and go with children to Germany for a beautiful view from the mountain Wachberg. There is a children’s playground with a wooden village and a restaurant with a pleasant seating area and views. Then go down (meet) to the village of Saupsdorf and on an asphalt road […]

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Educational trail Czech road

The Czech Road nature trail is intended for both children and adults. It starts in the village of Vysoká Lípa (exactly at the signpost Pod Šauštejnem) and ends in Zadní Jetřichovice. Is long 6 km. It's too much for children, you have to get back, therefore I recommend, ride scooters, for example. There is a beautiful asphalt surface and or […]

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Following the blue from Lipová

From Lipová around the chateau to a picnic by the chapel of St.. Jáchyma Park in front of a local supermarket, in front of the local school. Follow the blue line around the information center (model half-timbered house) towards the Chateau pond. You will be surprised by the reconstructed castle park, as well as the torso of the castle still awaiting reconstruction. Then follow the nature trail along the pond embankment. Nice i […]

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The Milířinka valley to the top of Weberberg

You can park your car in peace at the Lesná bus stop, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. There is a tourist signpost. Take the yellow road towards the Mining Nature Trail (green NS), which will accompany you for most of the trip. Mining nature trail in the valley of the Milířka stream. The trail provides access to a number of preserved remains after exploration work and mining of silver ore, colored […]

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