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Playing on Chřibský Castle

Chřibský castle is one of six rocky castles in the Czech Switzerland. Castle is located between Doubice and Lower Chribská. Park at hájovny U Column (Information Center of the National Park Czech Switzerland). Ostroh Little Castle stands on the left bank of the creek and Doubický does him no trail. From the car park walk 100 meters to the bottom Chribská and turn left at the landing in the forest. after about 500 meters turn left again (with wooden sign, viz. photo) and climb along the beaten path to the top of the rocky massif. Output is easy, for kids and entertaining. On top waiting for you “empty swimming pool” stamped into the rock. The history of the castle dates back to the second half 13. century. Now it has a much left. But one wonders:! Why is there such a thing created?” When there is no view, a tranquil forest. He just because it is good to go here with children and fantasize together and play. The entire trip is just 1 km walk.

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