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How to get to the Bohemian Switzerland from Prague

How to get to the National Park Bohemian Switzerland from Prague?
How to get from Prague to the Czech Switzerland National Park?

Free download map for travellers with introduction (transport, attractions, restaurants,… ) in English.
You can download a map for better orientation and types of trips here.

  1. EASY, COMFORTABLE, FAST – by train – the best way
    Train ticket you can by online on Czech railway system, or in cash box in every big train station (Prague Main Railway Station), note: the train ticket is valid 24 hours, you can buy also return one

The fastest trains EC type (from Prague and going to Germany, city Dresden, or Berlin or Hamburg) get out of the train in town Decin and than little bit challange :)))

    The train from Prague goes to Dečín almost every hour. And it's fast….

A) BUS –
Directly in front of the main railway station in Decin, take a bus number 434, direction village Mezná (or during summer season also direction town Krasna Lipa, centre of National park ). The Bus 434 takes you 20 minutes and you can get off village Hrensko (bus stop Pravcicka: and then 1 hour by walk to Pravcicka gate or Bus stop hotel Klepac 30 min walk to Edmunds gorges – boat) :
Or you can join also bus number 436, which will take you 30 minutes to village Jetrichovice (cozy Jetrichovice views).

A) BUS – Right in front of the train station ()when exiting the building slightly to the right) is a bus stop. Look for the number 434 Hřensko- Brana (in season up to Jetřichovice – Krasna Lipa ). Alternatively, Bus 436

B) TRAIN – You can get on to the passenger train direction to town Bad Schandau and get off village Schöna (Germany) and take advantage of cross-border ferry Schöna (FROM) – Hrensko (CZ). It is going whole year every 10 minute. Details of this circuit can be found at:

B) You can continue by train in the direction of Schöna (FROM) and then by ferry to Hřensko.

C) Taxi – You can also take a taxi. It will be cost 500CZK till 1000CZK.

C) A taxi service will cost you around 500 CZK.

D) TRANSPORT WITH LOCAL GUIDE, Finally, you can contact me, local guide Ales and than I will help with transport from train station Decin to the National park Bohemian Switzerland by my car and organise tour for you. More detail here.

From Germany (Dresden, Berlin), you can use the same method to find transport to the Bohemian Switzerland

D) TRANSPORT WITH LOCAL GUIDE – to pick up at the train station and spend the day with a guide National Park, write to

2. Possible by bus from Prague?

Direct Bus Line from Prague (or another big czech city) to National park does not yet exist.

If you prefer the bus service. You have to go by bus close town: Decin, Rumburk, Varnsdorf or Novy Bor and then use other bus lines towards Krasna Lipa, Jetrichovice or Hřensko. More and bus schedule on

3. Possibility by boat

The season boat go on river Elbe. There are port on town Usti nad Labem, Decin, Hrensko to Dresden. More details at:

4. Posibility by bike

Use the train for transport from Prague to Děčín and rent bike in Děčín (5 min by ealk from train station Activepoint).

5. Posibility by your own car

From Prague use highway number D8 direction Ústí nad Labem and Dresden. Turn off from highway in Usti nad Labem and continue direction town Decin and Hřensko. In Village Hrensko or Brana, there are a lot of parking places. Usually cost 120CZK per day. (Attention: during summer season are parking place quite full from 10am till 2pm)

Everyone welcome. The National park is open every seasons only change natural colours.

See you here, your local guide Ales , @bohemianswitzerlandguide