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Trip: Full-day e-bike trip through the whole of Bohemian Switzerland

“The cool-reaching nature, Yet tread and go without sweat, These are e-bikes!”

During a day trip Bohemian Switzerland 70 kilometers of pedaling. Using electric bikes but not destroyed and bored hilly terrain, but pleasantly tired. Starting in Krasna Lipa cycle paths through Kyjov, Hinterhermsdorf do Bad Schandau, We walk through the spa town, on the banks of the Elbe we will be ice cream, coffee or whatever, we look at the breathtaking canyon of the Elbe and the pedals stepping direction Schmilka, Hřensko, Brana, on Tokání. Possible way to dip his feet in the lake and more like a fairy tale, take in all, what our region has to offer: V Doubice Put the beer on Fabrice and in Krasna Lipa with praise.

We rent e-bikes women's and men's with all accessories.

Myths about electric bikes:

eat only. Error: electric bike helps you, only if you are pedaling themselves.

It is for the lazy. Error: Pohodář is also active athletes, who do not always rub.

Do you want to complete this trip with a guide Aleš, contact

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