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Entertainment in Saurierpark at Buděšína

Do your kids love dinosaurs,amusement parks, cableway and climbing? Then take a trip to the German praještěrů park near Bautzen. The park is built in the forest, which adds to the atmosphere. The place is a lot of climbing frames for children of all ages, fun interactive site, that simulates the road under the ground and in space. For hot days the possibility of having a fountain to refresh and relax in hammocks. Park is located east of Dresden, just outside the city of Bautzen, just a few minutes from the motorway exit Salzenforst. Use parking lot before entering free.

Public transport to get through praještěrů Park bus stop Kleinwelka.

Park is opened from April 1 to 31. October daily from 9 do 18 hours, in July and August to 19 hours.

ADMISSION adult 12 €

children 3 free of charge, do 14 let 7 €

family ticket (2 adults. + 3 children 14 let) 32 €


dinosaur Park 1

D 02625 Bautzen OT Kleinwelka

Telephone: +49 (35935) 3036

Fax: +49 (35935) 21504

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