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Trip: Bicycle trip for the whole family on a boat

We travel together ca. 30 km from Krasna Lipa calm pace with multiple stops (e.g. cave of fairies, Kyjovský castle…). we reach over Kyjov valley directly to lodičkám Obere Schleuse (FROM).

bicycle wheels, wheels and lend you baby. We like to spend more than admiring the landscape pedaling uphill? We will lend you pedelec. For small children there is a bicycle cart.

Approximate timetable (can be adjusted as needed):

9:00 Start (Krasna Lipa Doubice, on Tokání, your choice)

10:30 Hinterhermsdorf, Pumps Obere Schleuse

13:00 settlement Kopec (obídek, Coffee Break negotiated)

15:30 Return, Křinické brewery (by appointment)

(Recommended number of people: 1-4 the.)

Reservation: +420 736 224222,

Video: Boating on the Upper Weir Obere Schleuse

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