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Trip: Bicycle trip for the whole family on a boat

We travel together ca. 30 km from Krasna Lipa calm pace with multiple stops (e.g. cave of fairies, Kyjovský castle…). we reach over Kyjov valley přímo k lodičkám upper lock (FROM).

bicycle wheels, wheels and lend you baby. We like to spend more than admiring the landscape pedaling uphill? We will lend you pedelec.

Approximate timetable:

9:00 Start (Krasna Lipa Doubice, on Tokání, Jetrichovice of your choice)

10:30 Hinterhermsdorf, Pumps Obere Schleuse, bicycle parking mill Niedermühle and boating on foot 10 min after red

13:00 settlement Kopec (obídek, Coffee Break negotiated, open Fri-Sun)

15:30 Return

Chcete jet tento výlet s průvodcem Alešem, contact

Video: Boating on the Upper Weir Obere Schleuse

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