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On a bike from Krasna Lipa to Dresden

A pleasant journey along trails Bohemian Switzerland to the major cities of Saxony is about 100 km. V Krasna Lipa You can pick up a picnic basket lunch from itinerant cooks and go to Kyjova. At the start you give something to your liking in the pub at the Faculty as well as pace slightly downhill pass Kyjovské valley do Hinterhermsdorfu (rear Doubice), where cross, cross the border and continue to the spa town of Bad Schandau. Along the way you will admire many a patched sockets and just before Bad Schandau also beautiful, historic tram ride to the rocks. The spa town worth a look around, coffee or lunch on a bench by the river. Here you will join the Elbe Cycle Path, which runs through several picturesque towns, which is worth a stop: fortress Konigstein, where exported lift, Pirna, just outside the city beautiful swimming lake, Kuort Rathen, There is a possibility to hike or picnic spot Bastai visit the exhibition trains. Do not miss the town of Stadt Wehlen, Square you can see lollipops and candy factory, and if you follow specific indicators on small gallery, walk along the narrow road uphill to a place with a beautiful view, unusual exhibition, you can sit, buy a beer and watch the river flow and time…Treading lightly then to Dresden, where it is possible according to the cultural appetite to spend more than one day. You can easily return train to Ebersbach over the Czech Republic purchased a ticket Libnet.

So let's pedals.


Our tip: We'll take you on lunch and rent a bike!

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