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Cross-country trails – Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains

Tips for cross-country trips in the Lusatian Mountains and the surrounding area. Possibility to rent cross-country skis. Service and lubrication Herby service in Rumburk.

Modified cross-country trails:
(Lusatian highway)

Prácheň – Polevsko – Kytlice

Šébr – Luž

Around Jedlová

Okolo Doubice
Modified circuits to 5 km from the village Doubice. Parking at the Old Pub

Around Rybniště
(simple, Suitable for children). Marked red on the map.

Krasna Lipa – Kamenna Horka – Place

Modified circuit 5 km leading from the Football Field in Krásná Lípa (possibility of parking) to the settlement Kamenná Horka (parking Meadow bar) you can continue to the defunct settlement of Hely along the blue.

Unmodified cross-country trails:

Kamenna Horka – Kyjov valley

Krasna Lipa – Lark field – Smoker – Rumburk

Along the sunken railway line – Krasna Lipa – Mikulášovice

Possibility cross-country ski rental.

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