Ales and Irena Kubica
stone Horka 15, Krasna Lipa
+420 736 224 222



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About us from Bohemian Switzerland

Vize Bohemian COTTAGE
Cottage is more than a guest house. From the original idea to the realization of the last key in the door we we warm our vision: create space, that its unique atmosphere will be an opportunity to rest, to restore power, the emergence of new good ideas and interlocking with the surrounding beautiful countryside, which undulates and turns as well as our inner world. This is our own experience and the experience of place, to which we invite you. We believe, that nature affects us and our inner light setting through, landscape and endless colors and scents…

Irena eyes of her husband:
She is an exceptional woman

Ales eyes of his wife:
Alex is an excellent guide to the Czech Switzerland National Park. Thanks to his unique wit and attention to detail in all weather conditions can conjure up wonderful experience tours. If Nordic walking instructor, great skater and skier. He loves nature, travel, sport, sauna and local beer. Instead gym chops wood and looks to the people, who keeps his word and open dialogue. Opinions are very frank, sometimes too much:-), which entails not only benefits! Ales appreciate, It is a great father to our children and building stone Bohemian Cottage.


Aleš Kubica and Irena Kubicová
Bohemian COTTAGE
stone Horka 15
Krasna Lipa 40746
MT: +420 736 224 222
Opening hours: Po-Ne 8-20

How to get here?
From Prague to 2 hours by car. R35 comfortably over the motorway, then direction Liberec in Decin road 13 for
Zwickau road 9 direction Rumburk, Krasna Lipa
Shorter (in terms of kilometers), but tortuous path leads along the highway D7 turning to Melnik
over the Czech Lipa, or turning to Roudnice n / L and the direction of the Czech Kamenice, Krasna Lipa
Of Krasna Lipa, Křinické square leads us walking yellow sign (1,5 km Stone
Horka). By car, follow the direction of the village Doubice and before leaving the amazing Lipa, you have to turn on
Highway right on Stone Bitter. watch our informational signs.