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Winter trip to Pravčická gate

Go to Pravčická gate in winter has a few spells and one significant plus. No one anywhere, including cashiers in the parking lot at the entrance. So you can sit back and look at the prospects of the landscape Saxon Switzerland.

On Pravčickou, head of Mezni Louka follow the red tourist trail (Gabriela's trail). Just behind the information center (Out of season closed) encounter Lynx trail. Tastefully and cleverly created interactive trail, which entertain and teach children and adults! Continue on Gabrielino Trail (6 km Pravčická), where guides and educational boards Elisalex Princess Clara Aldringens and guardian of the National Park lead to the finish. Guide in electronic form can be downloaded here.

In winter, when the trees are without leaves, See Rose Hill, the village itself and Genoa Pravčickou. Opening hours for them to Pravčické 16 hours (and a small buffet), Sokolí hnízdo restaurant is closed outside the weekend (not on holidays). Current information Open / Closed here. Of Pravčické either back the same way or 2 km down to the crossroads 3 springs and continue along the yellow to Mezna and back. Tourist bus 434 Hřensko - The Brana limited rides in winter, more

Tip: Be sure to take a fixed ankle boots. Anti-slip on shoes also come in hours. More tips in English for winter in Bohemian Switzerland here.

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