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Magic Snow or Fritscheho arboretum

Snow village (Schnauhübel) is located 1 km od Krasna Lipa.  It has its own distinctive atmosphere with a beautiful church, where they filmed some scenes of the film The Reader (2008, režie Stephen Daldry).  Also worth a freely accessible private garden of the family of Mr. Fritscheho a number of remarkable trees and shrubs. In the spring, the most powerful eye-blooming rhododendrons, summer lilies excel,…. and fall foliage colors.  The garden includes several ponds with water lilies. The garden is a year-round open, just need to find it. From the Chapel of the Holy Trinity go towards Krasny Buk (red mark,) Cross by Grohmannová leave a red mark and go straight. Then already come across a wooden rudder.

A trip can be completed even with a pram.

arboretum snezna

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