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3. Day of Czech Switzerland - boating Obere Schleuse

The third day of the Czech Switzerland, you might begin to say, that there can not be anything for a few days holiday to catch. When it does not go on foot, Try it on a bike. You can rent a bike here.

Get on your bike in Krasna Lipa and head towards Kyjov (direction Mikulášovice, bicycle path 3013). to 15 min stop at the inn Faculty, where the eyebrows from the main road and drive along the valley Kyjovské Křinice. During a trip to lurk rock massifs with prospects, Tourist sitting on the bridge and border crossing in the extinct village Zadní Doubice. Kilometer after crossing encounter on the German side to main, wherein the hold direction Hinterhermsdorf (pitch). Hinterhermsdorf is a picturesque village wild IOG. Middle of the village is an information center and restaurant. From the village of an asphalt road with pointers to Obere Schleuse, where the boats dock výledních. The cashier peace park bicycles, Buy a ticket (5EUR) and embark on a nice cruise ship (20 me). Back to the wheels to go walking path that lines the river.

Now it's up to you. If back in Krasna Lipa will go the same way (shortest option) or you go back through the Jetřichovice (transition) or go back for a moment to walk around the upstream (has not via Hinterhermsdorf) and walk to the rear Doubice and you can still go to the village of Kopec, Brtníky the blue tourist trail. In the village hill is pretty cool sitting in the pub U Oty. So way twice before:)

Cruise tourists is the original wood sluice open from Easter to late October. Current information on

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