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The northernmost trip in the Czech Republic

Closest to the North Pole is a place in the Czech Republic, that is 5 km from the village Lobendava Sluknov hook. How to get there? Take the drive direction Lime, Lobendava. Park in the village in the North Lobendava, preferably at bus turntable at the end of the village and continue walking along the yellow trail to seven kilometers circuit. Moment you walk through meadows, mostly forest and mainly along the border stones (CZ / DE, sometimes DDR). Halfway're at the very north. There is a wooden shed for a snack and a symbolic stone in the northern Czech Republic. Along the way German-Czech tables describe the local flora and fauna and a glittering stream shows you the way back.

I recommend: If you do not complete the entire circuit, You can walk along the forest unmarked road to the cowshed. Attention circuit is not passable for carriages.

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