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Kyjov (it. Khaa) It is a long village (361 m.n.m) the river Křinice. In Kyjov and parts thereof e.g.. Mine is a long amount of romantic timbered cottages, cottages and half-timbered houses. One of the most famous is the Na Fakultě inn or Dixův mýln at the entrance to Kyjovského valley. Already in 1884 There is established the Mountain Association for Kyjovské Valley, who accessed the interesting rock formations (BC. cave of fairies). It is located in the village Kyjovská dam with the possibility of pleasant natural swimming.

Information board in Kyjov
Kyjov dam in winter
Kyjov valley – 1 hour walk
Kyjovs valley – The Narnia labyrint
Kyjov valley