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Jetřichovické rocks full of autumn colors

blows,... blows again,... leaves are changing before our eyes into colorful creations and rustling under our feet. We set out from Jetřichovice na Mary cliff overlooking (428 m.n.m). Elevation is 200m from Jetrichovice and since the distance from the parking lot 1 km will give you a child in krosničce nicely into the body. After the plane is only the first republic of the former sanatorium for children. It certainly was nice to recover here. It would rather needed to recover Building.  After the sand-strewn stairs follow the path up the colorful trees. to 30 We minutes from the gorges on the road full of roots. Stop for photographing panoramas is required (photo:skyline at exit).

The peak is upon us (photo: the prospect of Mary). Tourists can choose,  if they come out at Mary prospect after steep iron stairs (ca. 3 me) or continue Wilhelmina direction along the red wall (Originally a black wall). I definitely recommend everyone to climb to the top. You can do it even with a baby backpack on his back. View all sides breathtaking. Rose hill (619 m.n.m.) It is simply a photographic dominant Czech Switzerland National Park (photo: Rose hill). After the red, we arrived at a crossroads (photo: At the crossroads Tokáň) in Purkartické road (after yellow Tokan ca. 2 km, restaurant on Tokáni tends to open even out of season. Back to Jetřichovice of Tokáň can then continue along the yellow ca. 4 km).  My children (photo: children) We choose the fastest descent back to Jetřichovice, shortcut (Forest paved road) we get to Sofa crossroads, where after the green greatly decline sharply. (photo: steep descent). Returning from the top takes us about children 1 an hour and a stop for a photo shoot(photo: rocks above and below). Celkem jsme ušli 6 km za 3 clock with a few short breaks. The terrain was very hilly, but it can go as children, and at retirement age, which proved the way many tourists from Germany. I'm not surprised, they came here just for a trip in the fall, There is a landscape full of color and mystery.

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