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Cycling trip along the river Křinice the lookout Wolf Mountain

Shorter cycle trip National Park Czech Switzerland and Lusetian mountains. A ride along the valley and even going to climb the lookout tower. Ale nebojte, it will be easy. The trip is suitable for children. We travel around 25 km.

Approximate timetable:

10:00 Kyjov (možnost koupání v Kyjovské přehradě)

11:00 Kyjov valley, Kyjovský castle (on foot), cave of Fairies (on foot)

12:00 settlement Kopec, Restaurant U Oty

13:00 Vlčí Hora – lookout, permaculture garden Nobilis Tilia. cafe

14:00 Kyjov – long mine – Timbered houses or via Larks Field

15:00 Krasna Lipa – Křinické brewery

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