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Charles altitude over the village Doubice

If you are looking for a shorter hike in the Czech Switzerland, away from the tourist crowds. Embark on a prospect Charles výšina. Of Krasna Lipa will go along the red trail to the crossroads Nad Vápenkou (1,5km). To save steps, You can zoom in to fork car. From the crossroads leads a new three-kilometer radius along the yellow trail to the prospect of sitting - Charles výšina. For children, the most easy ways, to the last 200 meters, rises and jumps over stones. For coaches, this part impassable. The reward for the climb is the view of the Czech Saxon Switzerland and the village Doubice. Return the same way or you can complete the yellow circle leading to fork over Vápenkou. In the winter months We borrow sledges, in summer children's trolley (You can leave the prospect).


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