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Czech Switzerland and Genoa from above

A small village near Genoa Hřenska conceals some magical places. Bring the car to a single golf course in Switzerland in Czech. There is a friendly atmosphere, and even the beginner can try out the secrets of firing a golf ball off the tee (driving range). Just buy 1 ball behind 1 CZK, rent the right putter for a long tee shot and you go for it. Bit instruction is needed, But you know it yourself:) You spend a pleasant atmosphere in the cafe.

Right on the steps of the golf complex is built Genoese tower a výčce 30 m. From the output to the upper deck to give you a little dizzy (it leads to 162 spiral staircase), but the view is definitely worth it.

From Genoa is easily the green tourist trail you get to walk downhill Hřenska.

For more information about Janov in Hřensko found on the municipal website

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