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Conquer the highest peak in the Lusatian Mountains

Climb the highest mountain of Lusatian Mountains, Luž (793 m.n.m.) German Waltersdorf per hour looks adrenaline.  If you add the right winter and 35 cm and more powder, Sounds unreal. Put your shoes on snowshoes and poles in hand and try.

You can park your car for free over Lazarus House in Waltersdorf and go after hiking trail in the direction Lausche.  Slowly you move up the winding road. to 20 min you reach the beginning of the old lift and black slopes, after that long time ago nobody nesvezl. You can issue a shortcut directly to the top of the ski slope 600 meters long and still go on a marked road to the Luž.  The view from the top of Luze on all sides while helping panoramic maps, visibility often spoils fog. Descent of the cabin Luže Luz question 15 minutes (the red). The snacks can chooseLausitzer shed, He is willing to reward staff with good food.  Rather count with a slight time reserve, seats there poskromnu and the service is just one.  Sitting here but příiiiijemně. For the return journey, you can choose the path around Luze the red trail on the Czech side and a steep descent back to the car park towards Neu Sorge.  The whole journey is long over 8 km and to overcome the height difference 330 m.

Output can come in solid mountain boots or snowshoes. Snowshoes can be rented at sports equipment rental Cottage.


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