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2.On the day Jetřichovické prospects foot, down on a scooter

What do the next day in the Czech Switzerland? Look out Jetřichovické walls and scroll down on a scooter.

We set out from the village Jetřichovice Mary on a rock with the prospect (428 m.n.m). Elevation is 200m from Jetřichovice. After the plane is only the first republic of the former sanatorium for children. After the sand-strewn path up the stairs and follow up between the stones. to 30 minutes we see peak. "Mary" is upon us. The prospect can be overcome and children, Tour of steep iron stairs (ca. 5 me). Views worth it.

Continue through the red Wilhelmina prospect  at the crossroads near the road Purkartické, where we go towards hunting huts on Tokání(2 km). At the restaurant on Tokáni (tends to open even out of season, more: and You can rent a scooter (125,- grown-ups, 75,- child) comfortable and we go down to the information center Saula, in Doubice or back to Jetřichovice.

Tip: You can also absolovat children. Smaller children can go with you on a scooter.

4 km walk

6 km on a scooter

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